Culinary Legends of Gower & Wales

Discover the Taste of Gower and Swansea Bay Wales

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There’s a lot to get your teeth into in Swansea Bay and Gower. Our menu is bursting with irresistible foodie options, from the freshest of fresh fish pulled straight from the sea to that ultimate combo of coast and country, lamb raised on briny salt marshes.

Cockles - Swansea Indoor Market is one of the best places to source these tasty morsels. Enjoy them as part of a Welsh Breakfast alongside laverbread (made with a variety of seaweed). Some consider the cockle to be an acquired taste; they smell of the sea but are perfect alongside a pint of locally brewed real ale. In fact, most pubs in Wales sold cockles on the bar at one time, as they are very salty and therefore increased thirst and helped sell more beer.

Welsh Cakes - you can’t visit Wales without sampling a Welsh Cake. A perfect little buttery round full of delicious fruit. Cooked on a bakestone, Welsh Cakes are delicious served with a blob of salted butter or simply sprinkled in sugar. 

Cawl - Cawl is traditionally a hearty dish made of meat and any vegetables available. There are many recipes often handed down through the family and vary from town to town throughout Wales. It is often better the day after preparing when all the flavours have developed. It is served in some areas in a wooden bowl and eaten with a wooden spoon with chunks of homemade bread and Welsh cheese. 

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